Parish Council Minutes 19 Sept 2018 – Draft





IN ATTENDANCE:  Mrs R Wood (in the Chair), Mrs L Harris, Mrs C Beddoe, Mrs K Long, and Mr R Trapp.


In attendance were approx. 10 members of the public, County Councillor Lake (arrived at 8.20pm).



  1. APOLOGISES FOR ABSENCE – Mr R Brunner, Mr J Blackman, District Councillor Thornton and District Councillor Hogarth and the clerk.


  1. DECLARATION OF INTEREST – there was none.


  1. MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 25th July, 2018 were accepted as an accurate record and were so acknowledged by the signature of the Chairman.




  • Portfolio Holders

Village Design Statement and the Parish Plan: Mrs Wood thanked Mrs Long and the team of volunteers who have worked on the steering group to produce and distribute the questionnaires namely Mr Trapp, Mr & Mrs Gidman & Mr Woods.


Mrs Long reported that the public questionnaire prepared by the steering committee on the Village Design Statement and the Parish Plan has been distributed to all households within the Parish.  Replies are beginning to come back.  Mrs Long reported that a reminder/follow up letter was being prepared to remind residents to fill the form in and return it.  The follow up will include a reference to the village website and a copy of the village newsletter to widen awareness.


Mrs Wood asked Mrs Beddoe to send a message to all school parents to encourage them to complete the forms. There have been approx. 100 replies so far.  The questionnaire analysis has started, each paper reply takes 20 minutes to process.



  • Litter Pick

Mrs Wood reported Mr Brunner organised an excellent Litter Pick on Saturday 8th September, it was very successful and the team collect over 10 sacks of rubbish.  Quite a lot of rubbish was found around the school field.  Mrs Beddoe acknowledged that litter is a problem at school.  The children are being encouraged to bring their snacks in reusable food boxes so that they don’t have wrappers on the playground.  The litter pick was arranged in response to a request from Mrs Allen, a resident.  Mrs Allen expressed her thanks to everyone involved.


  • WWI Centenary

Mrs Wood reported on her attendance at a meeting to discuss the activities taking place in the village to mark the centenary.  A church service will take place where a short film will be shown, the film was made by Rev’d Mandy Carr.  The Church will have some ‘Ghost soldiers’ perspex figures.  There will be a ceremony around the War Memorial, where wreaths will be laid by the Parish Council and various members of the community, Brownies & Scouts will also attend.  In the afternoon, a hand-sewn banner is being created and will be unveiled in the Memorial Hall at a village tea party.  Finally, Mr Brunner is organising a beacon to be lit as part of a country-wide initiative. Mr Trapp will provide the wood.


Mrs Long will check the condition of the War Memorial in advance of the celebrations and will arrange for any maintenance work, if necessary.








Planning results are notified to members of the Parish Council by email when the results are advised to the clerk by SDC.



The Meeting adjourned at 8.30 p.m. and resumed at 8.40 p.m.


Mrs Long suggested that a traffic management emergency plan should be prepared so that in the event of a major incident on a local road a suitable diversion has already been planned.  This idea was prompted by a recent fatality at the bridge at Baileys Hill over the A21.  It was suggested that the fence each side should be raised to make the bridge safer.


Mrs Long also requested that the parish website be updated to show the current list of parish council members, the Memorial Hall committee also needs updating.  Also, it is not clear how to book the Tennis Courts behind the school, can a link be set up to make this easier.  Also, the cost should be clearer.  Mrs Long asked Mr Wood how many residents use the courts.


Mrs Long advised that the Weald Village sign from the cross roads is being repainted and will be back in position soon.


Mrs Long asked if a footpath map could be displayed in the centre of the village for walkers.  The cost is £480 + vat.  The Parish Council can apply for a grant to cover some of the cost.  This will be investigated further.


Mrs Harris advised that Go Coach stopped their Sunday bus service through the village on 1st September.  Arriva has started running a replacement service on a Sunday, further details will follow when available.


Mrs Harris reported that an additional waste bin is required at the graveyard.  The existing bin is being used for compostable and non-compostable waste.  She asked the PC to fund a council green waste bin for the graveyard to be emptied every two weeks.


Mrs Beddoe reported that the school Christmas Fair is on Sunday 9th December this year to avoid other parish activities.  The PTA have asked if a member of the PC would be prepared to judge the children’s decorated Christmas Jumper Competition.  Mrs Wood suggested that Mr Blackman or Mr Brunner may be prepared to do this.


Mrs Harris asked if Mrs Beddoe could contact school parents to ask that they don’t park in the disabled parking space at the Memorial Hall.


Mr Lake arrived at 8.20 p.m. He reported that he has arranged to make a second payment of £750 to the Village Design Statement and Parish Plan committee and a payment of £1500 to the community shop to purchase outside seating and to increase the storage space at the rear of the Chapel.  Mrs Wood confirmed receipt of the payments and thanked Mr Lake.


Mrs Wood asked Mr Lake to remind Kent Highways about the signage for Baileys Hill to warn cyclists of the dangerous road.


Mr Lake reported that he is currently campaigning to improve safety for school children on school buses.  The buses are over-crowded and putting children in danger.


Mr Lake is also campaigning to raise awareness of the problem of Fly-tipping.  He feels that charging for people to use the council rubbish tip encourages people to fly-tip.

Mrs Wood reported that Mrs Walker, from the community shop has asked that the shop be permitted to put up some coat hooks and additional shelving.  The PC agreed this was acceptable.


Mrs Wood said she was aware that the Memorial Hall committee were still waiting to hear from Knole Estates regarding the lease of the Hall.  She will ask the parish clerk to try to contact them to resolve this matter.







The Meeting closed at 8.30 p.m.