Draft Parish Council minutes – 28 March, 2018



HELD ON THE 28th March, 2018


IN ATTENDENCE:  Mrs L Harris, (in the Chair), Mrs K Long, Mrs C Beddoe, Mr J Blackman,

Mr R Brunner and Mr R Trapp.


In attendance were approx. 20 members of the public, Kent County Councillor Lake, District Councillors Thornton and Hogarth and the clerk.



  1. APOLOGISES FOR ABSENCE – Mrs R Wood. Mrs Harris advised that due to the recent death of her husband Mrs Rosie Wood would not be attending tonight’s meeting of the Parish Council.


On behalf of the Parish Council Mrs Harris expressed her sincere condolences to Rosie and all the members of Woodie’s family.


  1. DECLARATION OF INTEREST – there was none.


  1. MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 24th January, 2018– the Minutes were accepted as an accurate record and were so acknowledged by the signature of the Chairman.




  • Portfolio Holders

On the Parish Plan and Village Design Statement Mrs Long advised that the questionnaire to be sent to members of the community is being finalised.  Grant funding of £750 towards work on the Plan has been approved by KCC and Mr Trapp advised that the cost of upgrading the Parish Council’s website will cost £300.00.


Mrs Harris reported increased numbers using the new 435 bus services with a daily average of 58 users.


Mr Blackman reported that a consignment of hardcore has been delivered to the approach road to the Recreation Ground and that a work team is being assembled to spread on the road.


Mr Brunner will arrange for picnic tables to be delivered to the children’s play area to replace those that have been damaged and beyond repair.    The replacement cost is in the region of £1,200 plus VAT.



  • The Methodist Church – an Update

The Parish Council recently met with representatives of the Community Shop and agreed the Heads of Terms of the rental agreement to be entered into with respect to the Methodist Church.  The rental agreement will be for an initial period of one year commencing from (6th) May, 2018.  The date in May to be finalised nearer the time.


Mrs Harris advised that the final stages of work on the church are progressing satisfactorily with the building being handed over by the contractors to the Parish Council by the end of April, 2018.


It was noted that when the signage board above the entrance to the church was removed by the contractors that the original name of the building, carved in the stone, the “Wesleyan Chapel” was revealed.  It was agreed that it would be appropriate to use the original name to refer to the church in future.


  • Speed Indicator Device Scheme

Councillor Lake confirmed that KCC would fund the purchase and installation of speed indicator sign to be installed in Weald.   However, he did request that the Parish Council consider making a contribution towards the cost, approx. £6,400.  The clerk advised that another supplier of the above device had come forward with a much cheaper alternative.  The clerk agreed to share this information with Mr Lake.


  • Additional Bollards on the Green

To protect the edge of the Green next to Hurst Lane representations have been made to Parish Council requesting that bollards be erected on the edge of the Green to prevent vehicles mounting and causing damage to the Green.


The Parish Council noted the damage that has been recently caused by vehicles accidentally, or otherwise, driving up Hurst Lane, having to reverse and mounting the Green for this purpose.   Also, cars have been parked opposite to properties in Hurst Lane and these vehicles have cut into the side of the Green to create a parking space.


Representations have also been made by residents of Hurst Lane about the poor condition of the Lane itself and are seeking advice on the respective responsibilities of the landowner (Knole Estate) and the lessee (the Parish Council) to maintain, or assist, in the maintenance of the roadway.


The clerk agreed to discuss the above matters with Knole Estate to seek their views and opinions.


  • World War One – 100th Anniversary – Beacons of Light

The Parish Council agreed, in principle, to participate in the above celebrations this November.  






There were none.



The undernoted planning applications were reviewed by the Parish Council:


SE/18/00904/HOUSE – Parkfield, Long Barn Road – Erection of single storey side extension with pitched roof.  Replacement of driveway and new retaining wall.


The Parish Council objected to this application.  The Parish council considered that the proposed extension represented over-development on a site which already has approval for a significant extension on this site.


SE/18/00811/HOUSE – Greenmantle, Rycroft Lane – Erection of flagpole in front garden.


The Parish Council supported this application.




The Meeting adjourned at 7.40 p.m. and resumed at 7.55 p.m.



Mr Brunner advised that this year’s 10k Run will be held on Sunday 2nd September, 2018.




To be added.



The Meeting closed at 8.15 p.m.