Minutes – Parish Council Meeting – 24 January, 2018



HELD ON THE 24th January, 2018


IN ATTENDENCE:  Mrs R Wood (in the Chair), Mrs L Harris, Mrs K Long, Mrs C Beddoe, and Mr J Blackman


In attendance were approx. 20 members of the public, Kent County Councillor Lake, District Councillor Thornton and the clerk.


  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Mr R. Trapp, Mr R Brunner, and District Councillor



  1. MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 20th December, 2017– the Minutes were accepted as an accurate record and were so acknowledged by the signature of the Chairman.




  • Portfolio Holders

Mrs Long reported on the activities of The Steering Group overlooking the preparation of the Village Design Statement (VDS) and Parish Plan (PP).  Flyers are being distributed to every household in the parish inviting what issues and topics should be included in a forthcoming in-depth questionnaire designed to identify what aspects of village life residents feel strongly should be preserved or improved through the production of the VDS and PP.

The Parish Council acknowledged the work of the Steering Group and the Parish Council agreed to contribute up to £1,500 towards the publication of the VDS and PP, matching the financial contribution agreed by Kent County Councillor Lake.


Mrs Harris reported on the upgrade of the 435 bus service between Weald and Sevenoaks Railway Station.   The Chairman and Vice Chairman will meet with representatives of Go Buses at the Forge later this week to officially mark the upgraded service.   The Parish Council urged members of the community to use the bus services through Weald to ensure the long term continuation of these services.


Mr Blackman advised that representatives of the Parish Council will meet with members of the Recreation Ground Committee later this week to discuss the various projects being considered to upgrade the facilities at the ground and to reduce the vehicles being parked on Morleys Road during peak times that the recreation ground is in use.  The members of the Parish Council will also discuss with the Committee the status of the various grant applications made to assist in the ground’s redevelopment.


  • The 435 bus service – an Update

As reported by Mrs Harris above





  • The Methodist Church – an Update

Mrs Wood reported that modernisation and remedial work on the Church was progressing satisfactorily with work expecting to be completed by mid-March, 2018.  Mrs Wood also advised that paving had been donated by a member of the public which will be used to pave the area around the outside of the Church


  • Trees on the Green – an Update

The clerk advised that the general advice is that trees within a Council’s ownership or control should be inspected on a regular basis to test for disease or deterioration which could result in these trees being a risk to the general public.  The clerk agreed to seek specialist advice as to the appropriate steps the Parish Council should consider taking and report back at a later meeting.


  • Memorial Hall Lease – an update

The clerk advised that he had been in contact with Knole Estate’s agent and that they were pressing their lawyers to issue the new lease agreement.  


  • 2018/2019 Precept (incorrectly listed as 2017/2018)

On the recommendation of the clerk the Parish Council agreed to increase the precept by 7.5% compared with 2017/18.    The increase is required to fund the extra costs associated with the refurbishment of the Methodist Church, increases in general maintenance costs and to fund a general reserve for future capital expenditure.

  • Peace Garden (added item)

The clerk advised that contact has been made with the landowner of the Memorial Hall Field, rented by the Parish Council, to seek permission for the siting of a Peace Garden in the field which would be held on perpetuity by the Fields in Trust.  The clerk reported that the owner did not wish to grant permission for the Peace Garden as he wished the field be retained for general recreational use and he was not willing to give up ownership of any of the land in the field.








The undernoted planning applications were reviewed by the Parish Council since the last meeting of the Parish Council:



SE/18/00194/HOUSE – Weald Cottage, Long Barn Road – Demolition of existing rear conservatory and the erection of a single storey rear extension with velux window.

The Parish Council supported this application.


SE/17/0415/HOUSE – 8 Elmfield Close – Conversion of loft into habitable space and installation of a dormer window to the front roof slope and installation of side and rear roof lights.

The Parish Council supported this application.


SE/18/00039/FUL – Moorcroft Farm, Hale Oak Road – Change of use from agriculture to private equestrian use.

The Parish Council supported this application.


SE/17/04050/HOUSE – Mountfield Cottage, Wickhurst Road – Demolition of existing cottage and erection of annexe building.

The Parish Council supported this application.


SE/18/00099/HOUSE – 10 Victory Cottages, Morleys Road – Erection of a part two storey, part single storey rear extension, a front porch addition with steps up to the front and rear a raised access balcony at the rear and associated other external works.

The Parish Council supported this application.




The Meeting adjourned at 7.45 p.m. and resumed at 7.50 p.m.




It was noted that the picnic tables in the Memorial Hall Field  play area were damaged and the clerk agreed to arrange for their repair and to advise Mr Brunner, the Portfolio Holder for the playarea…


The clerk advised that he was seeking clarification from SDC that some recent building developments in the Parish were eligible to pay the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).  If this is the case a portion of the levy (25%) would be payable to the Parish Council.


County Councillor Lake provided details of the Parish Speed Indicator Device Scheme being arranged through KCC and asked that the Parish Council indicate its interest on having such a device set up in the village.  These devices advise motorists of the speed they are travelling and warm them to “slow down” to the speed limit.   The devices typical cost £6,400 t0 £6,625.


The Parish Councillors and other attendees at the meeting were reminded to report potholes to Kent Highways at kent.gov.uk/pitholeblitz





4th January, 2018

001705                   Sevenoaks District Council               £330.60

21st January, 2018

001706                   Mrs R Wood                                £196.30

001707                   PDL                                           £602.06

001708                   Mrs R Wood                                £11,970.00++


++ refund of payments to a contractor (Methodist Church)




The Meeting closed at 8.10 p.m.