Minutes – Parish Council Meeting – 20 December 2017



HELD ON THE 20th December, 2017   


PRESENT:  Mrs R Wood (in the Chair), Mrs L Harris, Mrs K Long, Mrs C Beddoe, Mr R Brunner, Mr J Blackman and Mr R Trapp


In attendance were approx. 20 members of the public, Kent County Councillor Lake, District Councillor Thornton and the clerk.


The Chairman welcomed back the clerk to the meeting of the Parish Council  after his recent absence through illness.


The clerk expressed his thanks to the members of the Parish Council for “holding the fort” during his absence and thanked everyone within the community for their good wishes and support during his time in hospital and since his return home.


  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE –  there were none


  1. DECLARATION OF INTEREST – there was none.


  1. MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 22nd November, 2017 – the Minutes were accepted as an accurate record and were so acknowledged by the signature of the Chairman.




  • Update on Highway Issues

Mrs Harris reported that KCC member, Mr Lake, has agreed to fund two signs indicating “pedestrians in the road” on Morleys and Scabharbour Roads.

Other traffic calming measures have been suggested to KCC Highways/Councillor Lake on these roads but none have been considered feasible.   Highways cannot, as suggested, make the top of Scabharbour Road one way as visibility is not good enough.  The road is also not wide enough for a pavement nor is it wide enough for a white line down the middle.  Regrettably, Highways consider there is nothing else that can be done to control traffic flows at this part of Scabharbour.

Councillor Lake advised that he will be funding a portable speed indicator from his 2018 budget which the Parish will be able to use on Morleys/Glebe Road and Scabharbour Road.

  • Update on the Methodist Church

The Chairman/Vice Chairman reported that work on the renovation/modernisation of the Methodist Church was progressing.  However, the completion may be delayed as South East Water has not yet connected up the church to their mains.   Through its contractor the Parish Council are pressing for the connection to be completed as soon as possible.  

  • Oak trees on the Green

The clerk advised that the Parish Council is in correspondence with Knole Estate’s land agent about the topping of two oaks on the Green that overhang a resident’s garden in Elmfield Close.  Subject to Knole Estate’s permission being given Conservation Area permission will also be sought from SDC Conservation Officer.

  • 435 Bus Service

Mrs Harris reported that the 435 bus service will be extended from 15th January, 2018 so that all buses to Sevenoaks will run to Sevenoaks Train Station.  It is hoped that this extended service will prove more attractive to commuters and other users.

However, at the same time, as widely publicised, KCC are looking to cut bus subsidies from September, 2018 which may result in the 435 and other bus services being cut/terminated.

Given this scenario the PC, and other members of the community, were encouraged by Mr Lake to write to our local MP, Sir Michael Fallon, to lobby for the continuation of the 435 bus service.

  • Centenary Fields in Trust/Peace Garden

At an earlier meeting part of the Memorial Hall Field was identified as a suitable venue for a Peace Garden to commemorate the ending of the Great War and the sacrifice of these who died or were injured in this conflict.   The Parish Council, which holds the Memorial Hall Field on lease from Mr Bedford, has so far failed to receive Mr Bedford’s response to whether in principle he would agree to part of the field being used for the Peace Garden and the land in question being transferred for the purpose of this Garden in perpetuity.   The clerk agreed to try and establish contact with Mr Bedford, or his representatives, by the next Parish Council Meeting.

  • Update on the Recreation Ground

Mr Blackman’s reported on the Recreation Ground Committee’s efforts to solve the parking problems at the Recreation Ground and also to raise funding to undertake these and other works at the Ground.  So that the Parish  Council has a full understanding of the present position, it was agreed that a meeting between the Parish Council and the Recreation Ground’s Committee be organised early in 2018.  The clerk agreed to organise this meeting.

  • 2017/2018 Precept

Prior to the Meeting the clerk circulated a note to the members of the Parish Council recommending the setting of the Precept for 2017/2018.  It was agreed that the clerk will circulate a further note on the Precept to be discussed at the 24th January Meeting.  The deadline for settling the 2017/2018 Precept is 31st January, 2018.




2017/2018 Precept – note from SDC Finance Dept.  To be discussed at next Parish Council Meeting.


Request for Donation – Samaritans.  To be discussed at next Parish Council Meeting.


Consultation on Kent Mineral Sites Plan Options – note from KCC.  To be discussed at next Parish council Meeting.









The clerk requested that the members of the Parish Council provide their views on planning application SE/17/03900/HOUSE – Parkfield, Long Barn Road, Weald – Single storey rear extension and  roof lights by 3rd January, 2018.



The Meeting adjourned at 7.50 p.m. and resumed at 7.55 p.m.



The Chairman congratulated the Sevenoaks Weald History Group on the publication of “The Changing Face of Weald”  An enormous amount of effort and research has gone into this updated and expanded history of Weald and Susan Gidman is thanked, in particular, for seeing this project through to a successful conclusion.


In 2018 the Parish Council will meet on the following dates.  All Meetings will be held in the Memorial Hall starting at 7.30 p.m. unless a different time or venue is advertised before a meeting is due to take place:


24th January, 2018

28th February, 2018

28th March, 2018

25th April, 2018

23rd May, 2018 (the Annual Parish Meeting)

27th June, 2018

25th July, 2018

19th September, 2018

24th October, 2018

21st November, 2018

19th December, 2018




To be added.



The Meeting closed at 8.10 p.m.