Minutes – Parish Council Meeting – 26 July 2017



HELD ON THE 26th July, 2017   


PRESENT:  Mrs R Wood (in the Chair), Mrs L Harris, Mrs K Long, Mr R Brunner, Mr J Blackman and Mr R Trapp


In attendance were approx. 60 members of the public and the clerk.




  1. DECLARATION OF INTEREST – there was none.


  1. MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 28th June, 2017 – the Minutes were accepted as an accurate record and were so acknowledged by the signature of the Chairman.




  • Update on the Village Shop


The Parish Council noted the outcome of the public meeting held on the 24th July and gave its full support to the initiatives taken by Mr and Mrs Walker to set up a Community Shop in the Memorial Hall at the earliest opportunity.  The Parish Council thanked the members of the public who had agreed to volunteer to work in the shop and encouraged other residents to come forward to support the Community Shop.  The Community Shop will be the only shop in the village on the closure of The Old Bakery at the end of July, 2017.  The Parish council hopes that following the repair and modernisation of the former Methodist Church it will become the permanent home of the Community Shop.


  • The Future of the 402 Bus Service

As advised at the last meeting the Parish Council has pressed for, and achieved, a meeting with Arriva and KCC to discuss the prospects of the 402 service being continued through the village.   From this meeting it is clear that, despite the information previously advised, Arriva is willing to consider the continuation of the service provided KCC is able to offer a suitable subsidy.   Following the above meeting a subsidy request was tabled to KCC by Arriva  but deemed by KCC unaffordable.  Discussions are on-going to bridge the funding gap between the two parties.


The Parish Council will press both parties to come to a settlement in the best interests of the Weald community.  In the event that no settlement is reached the Parish Council will explore what other options are available (community mini-bus etc.) to maintain key services to the Hildenborough Medical Centre, for example, which is particularly important to the elderly members of the public.,



  • Portfolio Holders’ Reports

Mr Brunner (Play Area):  reported that the additional work should be completed by the end of the month.

Mrs Long (Village Design Statement): advised that additional members had joined the Steering Committee to oversee work on the Design Statement.  The Parish Council gave its full support to the Steering Committee both in the updated Village Design Statement and their request to produce a Village Plan.  The aim being to achieve two Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD)/  The benefits of going through this process will help to both strengthen the community and help to protect and manage the future of the village.

Mrs Harris (Traffic Surveys): advised that no progress so far has been made to persuade KCC to repeat the road surveys.

Mr Blackman (Recreation Ground etc.): reported that a positive meeting had been held with the owner of the field in front of the Recreation Ground to discuss the use of part of this land for parking for users of the Recreation Ground.  Plans for these parking spaces are being drawn up for consideration by the owner.






Clerks and Councils Direct – circulated to members.



The following new applications have been reviewed by the Parish Council:


SE/17/01163/FUL  – Longfield, Wickhurst Road  Replacement of existing dwelling.  The Parish Council supported this application.


SE/17/01903/HOUSE –1 Brook Farm Cottages, Bowzell Road –Demolition of existing garage and erection and rebuilding of single storey extension and new dormer window.  The Parish Council supported this application.


SE/17/01977/HOUSE –Single storey extension with subterranean basement  – The Parish Council objected to this Application. Planning permission for Ivy Lodge was granted on the condition that no extension or external alternations should be carried out to the approved dwelling, despite the provisions of any Development Order, to safeguard the rural character of the area.  Furthermore, the proposed extension would not appear to comply with Policy GB7 and the proposed extension will have a materially greater impact than the original building on the openness of the Green Belt.   The plot for Ivy Lodge has been divided from Clover Cottage and the combined plot should be considered as part of the original dwelling curtilage in order to protect the openness of the green Belt.  The total floor space of Clover Cottage has already been increased by 52% and the proposed extension to Ivy Lodge will cause damage to the openness of the Green Belt.  This is contrary to Policy GB1



An open discussion on the future of the Village Shop and the proposals for the formation of a Community Shop took place during the body of the Meeting



There were none.







001657                   I Edwards                £5,750.00


001658                   SDC                       £195.00

001659                   Edward Tyrrell          £288.00

001660                   Andrew Hall              £308.80

001661                   SDC                       £210.60

001662                   Aon                        £3,819.49

001663                   WCPS                     £910.18

001664                   SDC                       £120.00


001665                   R Wood                  £299.00

001666                   R Wood                  £104.59

001667                   J Robertson             £469.20

001668                   J Caird                    £48.45

001669                   KALC                      £518.83

001670                   Edward Tyrrell          £192.00

001671                   Edward Tyrrell          £1,680.00





The Meeting closed at 8.25 p.m.