Minutes – Parish Council Meeting – 28 June 2017



HELD ON THE 28th June, 2017   


PRESENT:  Mrs R Wood (in the Chair), Mrs L Harris, Mrs C Beddoe, Mrs K Long,  Mr R Brunner, Mr J Blackman and Mr R Trapp


In attendance were County Councillor Lake, District Councillor Thornton, the clerk approx. 60  members of the public.


  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE –  District Councillor Hogarth


  1. DECLARATION OF INTEREST – there was none.


  1. MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 26th April, 2017 – the Minutes were accepted as an accurate record and were so acknowledged by the signature of the Chairman.




  • The Future of the 402 Bus Service

Arriva has recently and unexpectedly announced the cancellation of the 402 bus service through Weald.  At the invitation of the Parish Council members of the public were invited to attend the Parish Council to express their concern over the cancellation of this vital bus route and to hear from Mr Lightowler, Head of Transportation at Kent County Council.


Mr Lightowler advised that KCC was very disappointed by the cancellation of the 402 service through Weald and advised that Arriva, notwithstanding KCC willingness to enter into negotiations with Arriva on a potential subsidy of the route, was not willing to maintain the service under any circumstances.


Mr Lightowler advised that in order to mitigate the effects of this cancellation, KCC, through Go, will run a limited service through Weald to allow buses to run into Sevenoaks and Tonbridge.  He did, however, concede that this service was far from a full substitute for the 402 service: no early morning commuter buses; no service on a Saturday and only limited  compatibility with the opening hours of the surgery at Hildenborough Health Centre.


Whilst welcoming the efforts of KCC to put in place a limited substitute service it was the consencus of the meeting that in view of the importance of retaining the current 402 service that an urgent meeting be organised between the PC, KCC and Arriva to put pressure on Arriva to change their decision.


  • Portfolio Holders Reports

Mr Brunner (Play Area):  that the additional work required to repair/replace the matting in the junior play area will start next week.


Mrs Long (Village Design Statement): called for more volunteers to join the Steering Committee to oversee work on the Design Statement.  Mr Trapp, the Parish Council’s latest member, has agreed to join the Committee.


Mrs Harris (Traffic Surveys): advised that with the help of Councillor Lake she hoped to persuade KCC to repeat their surveys in more appropriate positions in Morleys Road and Hubbards Hill.  Mr Blackman advised that he had conducted his own traffic surveys which showed the high level of traffic movement in the Village.   Key findings


It was agreed that these findings should be shared with KCC to support the argument made by the Parish Council that traffic calming measures should be put in place as a matter of urgency to protects the vehicles and pedestrian traffic


Mr Blackman (Recreation Ground etc.): reported that a meeting has been arranged with the owner of the field in front of the Recreation Ground to discuss the use of part of this land for parking purposes.   Mr Blackman requested that the contract with KCC be extended to include the strimming of the boundary of the ground.  The clerk agreed to arrange this.


Mrs Beddoe (defibrillator etc)   County Councillor Lake advised that he was happy to finance a defibrillator for the village.  Mrs Beddoe and the clerk will liaise with Mr Lake on the selection, funding and installation of the defibrillator


  • Update on the Methodist Church

The clerk advised that the planning permission for the change of use had been agreed by SDC.   A further application may be required to extend the time of use of the Church for evening and weekend use.  


  • Update on the lease of the Memorial Hall

The clerk advised that a meeting with Knole Estate’s land agent will take place on the 29th July to discuss this issue.


  • 2016/2017 Annual Return

A copy of the Annual Return was distributed to members prior to the Meeting.   The Annual Return was approved and the Chairman authorised to sign on behalf of the Parish Council.





Letter from St George’s Church, Weald requesting the Parish Council’s support for the upkeep and maintenance of the churchyard.   Supported by the Parish Council  The clerk to recommend to the Parish Council the level of financial support.




To be added



Held at the beginning of the Meeting for a public discussion of the future of the 402 bus service.



There were none.







The Meeting closed at 8.45 p.m.