Minutes – Parish Council Meeting – 27 March, 2017



HELD ON THE 29th MARCH, 2017   



PRESENT:  Mrs L Harris (in the Chair), Mrs C Beddoe, Mrs K Long, Mr R Brunner and Mr J Blackman


In attendance were District Councillor Peter Lake, the clerk and 6 to 10 members of the public.


  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE –  Mrs R Wood and District Councillor Hogarth.


  1. DECLARATION OF INTEREST – there was none.


  1. MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 22nd February, 2017 – the Minutes were accepted as an accurate record and were so acknowledged by the signature of the Chairman.




  • Portfolio Holders’ Reports

Mr Brunner (Play Area):  reported that remedial work on the play area was underway and was expected to be completed on schedule at the end of March.


Mrs Long (Village Design Statement): reported that invitations are being issued to representatives of community groups to join the Steering Committee to oversee work on the Design Statement


Mr Blackman (Recreation Ground): reported that negotiations were on-going with the Scouts Association to use their parking area to reduce on-road parking in Morleys Road during peak time usage of the Recreation Ground.  The requirement of the Scouts Association that the Recreation Ground Association arrange separate PL cover remains an issue that has to be resolved.


Mr Blackman advised that a longer term solution is to explore the purchase of the field in front of the Recreation Ground and on purchase to utilise part of this field for parking, possibly in partnership with Giacomo’s restaurant which also have the need for additional parking space at peak periods.    The owner of the land to be contacted.


Mrs Harris (Traffic surveys etc) reported that KCC has so far failed to confirm that

the traffic surveys in Morleys Road and Hubbards Hill will be re-sited as requested by the Parish Council.


Mrs Harris also reported that there had been no progress in having the dog bone at the junction of Wickhurst Road and Long Barn Road repainted by KCC.  It was agreed that the Parish Council will take the appropriate action.


In response to Mrs Harris enquiry the clerk and Mrs Beddoe confirmed that the Parish Council’s request for a free defibrillator remains outstanding.

  • Update on the Methodist Church

The clerk advised that the Parish Council was proceeding with a planning application to make some outside structural changes to the Church and also to apply for a change of use.   The application for the change of use is to allow the church to be used for the main purposes identified in the recent village consultation: shop, café, room for meetings of societies, clubs and to host exhibitions etc.  



  • Update from Community Shop Committee

Mrs Allen and Mrs Briant reported on the options being considered by the Committee:

  • That an incoming buyer will purchase The Old Bakery as a going concern. The Committee is encouraging the sale by advertising The Old Bakery through social media.
  • As the first alternative to (a), organising a weekly farmers’ market in the Memorial Hall which will provide a wide range of local products that will have a wide appeal within the community.
  • As a second alternative to (a) plan for the establishment of a fully fledged community store. The Committee recognise, however, that such a venture would be very complicated and would need a large pool of volunteers to support it.


  • Update on the Recreation Ground

Please note Mr Blackman’s report above.


  • Appointment of new member of the Parish Council

The clerk advised that not enough electors had requested that an election be held in May and it is now the responsibility of the Parish Council to co-opt a member of the public to the Council.   The position will now be advertised and interested parishioners will be invited express their interest.





(to be added)



It was noted that Arriva will from April be running an extended bus service through Weald.  The new timetable will be posted on the Parish Council’s website.




There were none.




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The Meeting closed at 8.30 p.m.