Minutes – Parish Council Meeting – 30 July, 2014



HELD ON THE 30th JULY, 2014


PRESENT:  Mrs R. Wood (in the Chair), Mr G. Davie, Mr D. Marchant, Mrs J Mannering and Mr. J Blackman   

In attendance were District Councillor Thornton, the clerk and several members of the public.   

  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – District Councillor Hogarth, Mrs Lucy Harris and   Mrs Cathrin Beddoe.
  2. DECLARATION OF INTEREST – there was none.
  3. MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 25th June, 2014 – the Minutes were accepted as an accurate record and were so acknowledged by the signature of the Chairman.


(1)  News on the MUGA

The clerk reported that he and Mrs Harris had met with representatives of the school and the PTA to discuss the proposed booking arrangements to give community access to the MUGA.

The Clerk advised that the PTA plan to set up an online booking system and that they were in contact with several companies that can organise this service.  The set-up is straightforward and affordable (£15 p.m. hosting fee).

Initially only tennis booking will be taken online.  Other bookings will be made via the school to ensure appropriate equipment (for football etc) is in place.   

Tennis courts will be hired out at £7 per hour (for non-Weald residents) and for £5 per hour (for Weald residents and school families).  Residents will be asked to give their postcode when booking to confirm their resident status.

Concessions will also be given to groups who make block bookings over a number of weeks.

For other sports the MUGA will be booked out at £25 per hour.      

The Parish Council considered that the proposed fees were reasonable and   the concession pricing to Weald residents ans school families appropriate.

The clerk advised that at the above meeting the issue of  mounds at the back of the MUGA was raised with the school/PTA representatives.  The representatives of the school/PTA were as surprised as the Parish Council was that these mounds had been built as part of the agreed development and that they would take the matter up with KCC. 

The clerk advised that following contact with KCC the mounds have been partly removed from the site.  The Parish Council, through the clerk, has requested that the school clarify whether the remaining mounds form part of the approved planning application.   

(2)  News on the Methodist Church funding and extension of lease of the Green

The clerk advised that an application has been submitted to the PWLB to renew the loan approval which expired in mid-June but a response had not yet been received.

The clerk reported that there had been no update from  Knole’s land agents on the Parish Council’s request for a longer extension to the lease of the Green.

The clerk agreed that by the next Parish Council Meeting he would produce a feasibility study on the Parish Council’s planned purchase of the former Methodist Chapel. 

(3)  Junction of Long Barn Road/Wickhurst Road

The clerk advised that a quotation for the proposed widening of the road at the Long Barn Road/Wickhurst Road had been requested from a local contractor and that this will be circulated on receipt.

Alternative proposals for this junction put forward to the Parish Council by a resident, Mr Hamilton Wood were also discussed and it was agreed that a quotation for his proposed scheme should also be obtained.

Mr Davie outlined the extensive usage of the Wickhurst junction and the potential danger this presented to school children attending the Community Primary School and other residents and urged that co-operation be sought from the school and KCC to come up with the best and most practical solution.   The clerk agreed to open up correspondence with Kent Highways in the first instance.

(4)  The Allotments

Mrs Mannering and the clerk reported on the recent meeting held with allotment holders following the circulation by the current Chairman of the Allotment Holders Committee of a paper that contained radical proposals for the reorganisation and management of the allotments which were of deep concern to many allotment holders.

At the meeting Allotment holders were reassured that the proposals in this paper were not supported by the Parish Council.  It was clear from this meeting that the allotment holders wished to have clarity on the roles played by the Parish Council and the  Allotment Holders’ Committee.  The clerk agreed to do this and to circulate his report to all allotment holders.                 


KCC – Kent Minerals & Waste Local Plan – Submission Document Consultation

–          31st July to 12th September – circulated for information and comment. 

6.      PLANNING

Planning applications reviewed since the last Parish Council Meeting: 

SE/14/01730/HOUSE – Stidolphs Oast, Egg Pie Lane, Weald  Proposed 2 bay oak framed garage.    Supported by the Parish Council.

SE/14/01767/HOUSE – 20 Glebe Road, Weald  Erection of first floor extensions.  Supported by the Parish Council. 

SE/14/02087/HOUSE – 5 Riverhill Cottages, Riverhill, Sevenoaks Erection of an oak framed triple garage.  Supported by the Parish Council

The Meeting was adjourned at 8.15 p.m.


The Meeting resumed at 8.30 p.m.


The Chairman of WAGAN advised on his committee’s recent activities and indicated that the plans for more flights overflying Weald may be withdrawn. He asked that pressure be kept up to help achieve this outcome.

The Parish Council meet with representatives who are planning to open a school for children with very special needs at Bowzell.   These plans are subject to the necessary planning approvals and other permits being granted.

Mr Blackman updated the Parish Council on the activities of the Recreation Ground Association.  He advised that new fee arrangements had been agreed with the members of the Association and the need to replace the shower units in the new changing rooms.  Mr Blackman agreed to seek quotes for the new shower units before the Parish Council sanctions the necessary work.         



1499                      N E Spurr                          £800.50


1501                      WMH                               £55.00

1502                      South East Water               £32.62

1503                      J Caird (Insurance)             £2688.79

1504                      M. Bedford                        £500.00



1505                      BLM                                 £157.80

1506                      N E Spurr                          £425.25


1507                      N E Spurr                          £973.75

1508                      WMH                               £30.00

The meeting closed at 9.15 p.m.