Minutes – Parish Council Meeting – 29 January, 2014





HELD ON THE 29th January, 2014



PRESENT:  Mrs R Wood (in the Chair) Mr G Davie , Mr D. Marchant, Mrs C Beddoe, Mrs L Harris, and Mrs J Mannering.   


In attendance were the clerk and several members of the public.   



APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE –  District Councillors Thornton and Hogarth






MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 18th DECEMBER, 2013 – the Minutes were accepted as an accurate record and were so acknowledged by the signature of the Chairman.





(1)  Update on the tennis court redevelopment

The clerk reported that following the re-tendering of the above redevelopment there is now an approx. £30,000 funding gap between project costs and the funds currently available from KCC, the PTA and the Parish Council.  It was agreed that the Parish Council should increase its funding contribution from £15,000 to £20,000 which is the maximum the Parish Council can contribute whilst maintaining its commitments to other projects and fund its other services in the parish.


The Parish Council decision to increase its contribution was welcomed by the members of the PTA who attended the meeting.


The clerk was requested to officially advise the school of its decision and to remind the school that funding for this project was subject to the satisfaction of the three conditions in the Statement issued by the  Parish Council on 20th March, 2013.       



(2)  Update on the Methodist Church

The clerk advised that there had been no legal developments pending clarification of the Parish Council lease of the Green. The clerk advised that he was in contact with the land agent representing the Knole Estate and that he will update the Parish Council at its next meeting.   



(3)  Gatwick re-routing proposals

The clerk advised that he has registered the Parish Council’s objections to the re-routing proposals through the consultation process.

The Chairman of WAGAN (Weald Action Group Against Noise) updated the Parish Council of their activities which have been reported in the Sevenoaks Chronicle and on national television.  The Parish Council pledged their continuing support to WAGAN and thanked them for their efforts todate.


     Precept 2014-15

      The clerk recommended that a decision on the Precept should be deferred  

      until the next Parish Council Meeting on 19th February by which time

      SDC’s position on Council Tax Support should have been clarified.




The clerk advised that Weald History Group is planning to re-issue a history of Weald for which it has received a £1,000 grant from KCC.  The History Group would like the Parish Council to consider offering an additional grant in the event that the cost of the re-issue exceeded the grant award from KCC.  Mr Gidman, Chairman of Weald History Group, attended the Parish Council meeting in support their written request.


The Parish Couoncil agreed in principle to make a contribution subject to understanding the size of the budget and the likely funding shortfall following the sale of the book.


6.      PLANNING





The Meeting was adjourned at 8.00 p.m.



The Meeting resumed at 8.20 p.m.






During Public Question Time, the Chairman of the Weald Recreation Ground Association advised the Parish Council that due to difficulties within the senior football and cricket clubs it was likely that the Association would be unable to meet its next quarter rent and requested that the Parish Council waive its rent for one/two quarters so that the current difficulties can be resolved.         





001476                   J Caird                              £262.02

001477                   KCC                                 £768.68

001478                   BLM                                 £171.10

001479                   Weald Memorial Hall             £19.00

001480                   SDC                                 £40.00

001481                   SDC                                 £10.00


The Meeting closed at 8.45 p.m.