Minutes – Parish Council Meeting – 25 January, 2017



HELD ON THE 25th January, 2017   




PRESENT:  Mrs R Wood, (in the Chair), Mrs L Harris, Mrs C Beddoe, Mrs K Long, Mr R Brunner and Mr J Blackman       


In attendance were the clerk and several members of the public.  



  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – District Councillor Thornton


  1. DECLARATION OF INTEREST – there was none.


  1. MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 21st December, 2016 – the Minutes were accepted as an accurate record and were so acknowledged by the signature of the Chairman.




(1)  Update on the Methodist Church

The clerk confirmed that completion took place on 20th January, 2017. The Parish Council will now consult with the village on the future use of the church in the widest possible interest of the local community.   The Parish Council will also re-engage with prospective builders/architects to update the previous indicative quotes received for the renovation and upgrade of the church including the installation of a kitchen, a toilet and disabled access.   


(2)  Update on the Memorial Hall

Mrs Harris advised that no further information has been forthcoming from the Hall Committee since the last meeting.  The Chairman of the Hall Committee was in attendance and agreed that the Hall Committee’s Secretary will update the Parish Council on its position on the lease as soon as possible.


(3)  Traffic Survey

Mrs Wood advised that there was nothing new to report as she has been unable to make contact with County Councillor Chard to progress the re-siting of traffic surveys in Morleys Road and Hubbards Hill and to receive details of potential traffic calming measures in Scabharbour Road. 


(4)  2017/2018 Precept

The clerk recommended, and the Parish Council approved, a 3% increase in the Parish Council’s precept for 2017/2018 to £39,655.  With the Parish Council’s regular annual outgoings running at approx. £25,000 the proposed precept is sufficient to cover one-off costs, such as contributing to traffic safety measures in the village and a contingency for unplanned expenditure.  






   Clerks & Councils Direct – January, 2017 issue –circulated to members


   Hospice in the Weald – Newsletter – circulated to members


SDC – Green Belt Assessment Methodology – Report by Arup – to be commented on by the clerk at the next meeting.  



6.      PLANNING

The following applications have been reviewed since the last meeting of the Parish Council:

SE/16/03749/HOUSE – Fletchers Oast, Egg Pie Lane, Weald – The erection of a single storey rear extension and an open sided canopy to the north west elevation.  The Parish Council objected to this Application.  It is the Parish Council’s policy to object to applications in the Green Belt which exceed the 50% rule under Policy H14A

SE/16/03926/HOUSE – White Cottage, 65 Mount Pleasant Road, Weald – Erection of single storey rear extension.  Alterations of fenestration.  Garage conversion.  The Parish Council objected to this application.  The proposal results in the loss of a garage in a road that is highly congested due to on-site vehicle parking.   The single storey represents overdevelopment in relation to the size of the plot.      


The Meeting adjourned at 7.15 p.m. and resumed at 7.30 p.m.





Mr Beddoe advised that Weald Community Primary School was interested in using the Memorial Hall Field to host football matches.  It was agreed, in principle, by the Parish Council, subject to more details being provided on the number and timing of matches and that safety measures be put in place in protect children using the play area at the same time.  It was also suggested that the Memorial Hall could be used, subject to its availability, to provide changing facilities etc., to the home and/or away teams.


It was advised that a second quote to repair play equipment in the children’s play area has been received and that an early decision on commissioning this work would be made with the expectation that the repair work would be completed by the end of March, 2017.


It was noted that a gate will be erected from the children’s play area and MUGA, at the rear of the village’s school, into the rear paddock marking the Parish Council’s right of way through the play area to the rear paddock which is owned by the Parish Council.


Mrs Harris noted the recent burglary in White House Road and requested that residents be alerted to this in the weekly newsletter.


Mr Blackman reported on the key findings of the Sevenoaks 2016 Housing Study prepared by consultants arc4.  The clerk agreed to circulate a copy of the findings to members.


Mr Blackman requested that the clerk send details of the Parish Council Meetings in 2017 to the editor of the Parish Magazine.            







              001640                                  KCC                                 £1,024.87

          001641                   PDL (fees Methodist Ch)        £1,329.00

          001642                   J Caird (salary)                   £2,500.00


The Meeting closed at 7.45 p.m.