Minutes – Parish Council Meeting – 20 March, 2013



HELD ON THE 20th MARCH, 2013

PRESENT:  Mrs R. Wood (in the Chair), Mr G. Davie, Mr D. Marchant, Mrs L. Harris  Mrs J. Mannering and Mr. J Blackman   

In attendance were District Councillor Hogarth, the clerk and approx. 40 members of the public.   

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE  – District Councillor Thornton and Mrs C Beddoe


MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 13th February, 2013 – the Minutes were accepted as an accurate record and were so acknowledged by the signature of the Chairman.



Since the last Meeting of the Parish Council members of the Council and the clerk have held meetings with representatives of Weald Community Primary School. As a result of these meetings the clerk read out the following statement of support for the planned redevelopment on behalf of the Parish Council:

“In December, 2012 the Parish Council outlined in detail the terms and conditions on which it would make a financial contribution towards the redevelopment of the Wickhurst Road tennis courts and car parking facilities. 

The above mentioned terms and conditions were included to ensure (a) that the Parish Council complies with its financial regulations with regards to the award of contracts etc., (b) that the Parish Council has assurances from the other funding parties that there are adequate funds to complete the project (c) that the planned development is approved by the Parish Council prior to a formal planning application being made and (d) and that the wider community will have guaranteed access to the facilities (multi-use playing area and car parking) when these facilities are not being used by the school.

These terms and conditions have unfortunately, until recently, be largely ignored by the Applicant and as a result the Parish Council, regrettably, advised that their financial contribution could not be relied upon and the Parish Council was unable to support the Planning Application submitted for this project (which had not been discussed, reviewed or approved by the Parish Council).

However, over recent days the Parish Council has received reassurances on the following points:

1.      That the Parish Council will be consulted on the appointment of the contractor and the terms and conditions of which the contract is awarded. 

2.      That the project will only go ahead when there is sufficient funds available from KCC, the school and the PTA to fully fund the total costs of the project including appropriate contingency reserves.

3.      That the school will enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Parish Council opening up the new playing and parking facilities to the general public outside the school’s working hours, at the weekend and during school holidays.  These access rights to be guaranteed for a minimum term of 10 years following the opening of the new facilities.

Subject, therefore, to these above reassurances being actioned  the Parish Council is pleased to reconfirm its financial support for this project by contributing £15,000 towards its cost.  £15,000 is offered on the understanding that no VAT will be paid on project expenditures.  If this is not the case and VAT is payable, the Parish Council will contribute up to £18,000 to cover the VAT on its share of the costs, provided that as normal the Parish Council is able to fully recover the VAT.   This offer of funding is available to be taken up over the next 12 months.

Over the last few years the Parish Council has successfully co-operated with the community to improve the facilities in the Recreation Ground and the children’s play area in the Memorial Hall Field.  We hope that the tennis court redevelopment will be the third successful project in which the Parish Council has played its part.”     

The above statement was generally welcomed by the attendees at the Meeting

who were in favour of the redevelopment going ahead.  The clerk confirmed that KCC would be advised that the current planning application submitted on behalf of Weald Community Primary School and KCC now has the Parish Council’s support.

(2)  THE METHODIST CHURCH   The clerk advised that the Parish Council plans to apply for the Church to designated as “an asset of community value” which if conferred would give the Church some protection against any planned redevelopment and also certain rights to the community in case the Church is put up for sale.  

(3)  ANNUAL PARISH MEETING The Chairman reminded the Meeting that the Annual Parish Meeting will be held on the 15th May, 2013 and that the former Lord Mayor of London, Sir David Wootton, will be the guest speaker.  The Chairman hoped that there would be a good attendance from members of the public all of whom are most welcome to attend.

(4)  BOLLARDS ON THE GREEN  The clerk advised, that as requested by the Parish  Council, additional bollards have been erected on the edge of the Green to stop vehicles from parking on, and causing damage to, the Green.  The clerk also advised that bollards had been erected on popular footpaths in and around the Memorial Hall Field and Long Barn to stop the use of these footpaths by horse riders to prevent damage to the footpaths and improve the amenity values of these paths to pedestrians and wheelchair users.         


None tabled.

6.      PLANNING

Applications considered since the last Parish Council Meeting:

SE/13/00380/HOUSE – Watermede, Wickhurst Road, Weald – Demolition of two existing porches and rear section of existing garage and sunroom.  Erection of single storey rear extension, erection of front porch extension, erection of first floor extension, replacement of dormer windows on rear elevation and Juliette balcony, alterations to fenestration, including removal of chimney.  The Parish Council objected to this application.  The application failed the “very special circumstances” test required to be passed where the 50% limit is exceeded by the proposed development.     

Results received since last Parish Council Meeting: 

SE/12/03348/HOUSE – Ranmoor, Bayleys Hill, Sevenoaks – Erection of single storey rear extension.  Erection of a porch.  Conversion of existing garage into habitable space.  Other minor internal and external alterations/changes.  Approved.

SE/13/00070/EXTLMT  Ridge End, Rycroft Lane, Weald – Application to extend the time limit of an extant planning permission approved under SE/10/00429/FUL.  Approved.

SE/12/03300/HOUSE – Redwings, Bayleys Hill, Sevenoaks  – Partial demolition to facilitate the erection of two storey rear extension….Refused. 

SE/12/03426/HOUSE – Dale House, Church Road, Weald – Alter the size of the kitchen windows and doors, extend the existing basement and change Yorkshire to Indian sandstone on terrace.  Approved.

The Meeting was adjourned at 8.05 p.m.


The Meeting resumed at 8.15 p.m.


   Mr Blackman explained to the Parish Council about the on-going repair work on the    

   roadway up to the Recreation Ground.  

  Mrs Mannering reported that complaints have been made about the state of the  

  guttering of the Memorial Hall.  These complaints would be brought to the attention   

  of the Memorial Hall Committee.   



001420                   R Marchant & Sons Ltd                  £1,332.00

001421                   SDC                                          £20.00


The meeting closed at 8.35 p.m.