Minutes – Parish Council Meeting – 20 January, 2016



HELD ON THE 20th January, 2016   




PRESENT:  Mrs L Harris, (in the Chair), Mrs C Beddoe, Mrs K Long, Mrs J Mannering, Mr R Brunner and Mr J Blackman.      


In attendance were several members of the public and the clerk.  


  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – District Councillor Thornton and Mrs R Wood.


  1. DECLARATION OF INTEREST – there was none.


  1. MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 16th December, 2015 – the Minutes were accepted as an accurate record and were so acknowledged by the signature of the Chairman.




(1)  Parish Precept 2016-2017

It was agreed that the Precept should be set at £38,500, a 2.01% increase in the 2015/16 Precept.


(2)  Report on the Meeting with WCPS and KCC

It was reported that the meeting held earlier on 20th February had been useful and productive with the following principal points being discussed:

MUGA (1) Right of Way:  KCC conceded the need for a new right of way to be established to allow the Parish Council access to its owned land behind the MUGA.   New drawings were exchanged after the meeting and right of way duly documented.  The Parish Council advised that a gate will be erected at the border to establish the Parish Council’s access rights. (2) Compliance with planning permission:  KCC advised that the development was not fully compliant with the planning permission as community access to the MUGA has not been formally documented. KCC agreed to draft up the necessary agreement.  The PC asked about the risk to trees of the raised mounds to the rear and side of the MUGA and whether these mounds were part of the permitted agreement. WCPS’s representative advised that a recent tree report identified that the mounds did not harm the trees.  The PC requested to see the tree report and also for KCC to advise on the planning position.  These requests are still outstanding.  Community access to MUGA parking spaces:  KCC agreed to deal with this as a variation in the existing planning application and to advise back on this.

Parking in the centre of the Village

The PC explained the chronic parking problems in the centre of the Village particularly during drop off and pick up times at the school and asked that the school/PTA explore all measures to ease this problem.  The school advised that they are in regular contact with parents to come up with a solution (car sharing, walking bus etc.) and will continue to do so.  For its part the Parish Council agreed to look at practical and cost effective ways of increasing  off road parking. It was agreed that all parties will remain in regular contact and work together to seek a solution to this problem.                


(3)  Report on the Methodist Church

The clerk advised that there had been no progress to report from the last meeting.  The clerk advised that via the PC’s lawyers a meeting had been requested with the Methodist Church to try and resolve the outstanding issues and agree a final timetable to complete the purchase.


(4)  HM The Queen – 90th Birthday Celebrations

It was agreed that the Parish Council will erect a beacon on the evening of the 21st April as part of the national event marking the Queen’s birthday.  The Parish Council is also reviewing other events/activities to mark the Queen’s official birthday on the 11th/12th June.  



5.      PLANNING

The undernoted planning application was reviewed by the Parish Council:

SE/03988/HOUSE – Sunnyside Cottage, Church Road, Weald – Erection of detached double cottage at rear of existing house.  The Parish Council supported this application.


The meeting was adjourned at 8.00 a.m. and resumed at 8.10 p.m.




         There was no other business.






         001585                    Chiddingstone PC                £98.15

         001586                    K Taylor                           £205.00        

          001587                            Express Factors                  £45.60

         001588                    SDC                                 £187.50

         001589                    S E Water                         £76.10

         001590                    WMH                               £165.00


         001591                    N E Spurr                          £280.00

         001592                    J Caird (Sal)                       £2166.64


The meeting closed at 8.20 p.m.