Minutes – Parish Council Meeting – 17 March, 2016



HELD ON THE 17th March, 2016   




PRESENT:  Mrs R Wood, (in the Chair), Mrs L Harris, Mrs C Beddoe, Mrs K Long, Mrs J Mannering and Mr J Blackman      


In attendance were District Cllr Thornton, several members of the public and the clerk.  




  1. DECLARATION OF INTEREST – there was none.


  1. MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 17th February, 2016 – the Minutes were accepted as an accurate record and were so acknowledged by the signature of the Chairman.




(1)  Report on the Methodist Church

Mrs Wood advised that progress had been made in establishing a proper boundary between the Church and 5 Patience Cottages and that early steps will be taken to formalise this boundary.  Unfortunately, despite this, contractual issues with respect to the overage provisions, still need to be resolved before a formal sale and purchase agreement can be entered into with the Methodist Church.   The Parish Council regretted this further delay in completing the purchase.


(2)  HM The Queen – 90th Birthday Celebrations

Mrs Wood advised that a series of events will be co-ordinated on the w/e of 12th June to mark this unique occasion. These will include an informal picnic on the Green, a flower festival and family service in the Church.   


(3)  Meeting with West Kent Housing Association   

Ms Joanne Hiscock from the West Kent Housing Association attended the Parish Council Meeting, at the Parish Council’s invitation, to publicise to the general community West Kent’s proposals for the modernisation of Gilchrist Cottages and certain properties in Mount Pleasant Road.  The PC emphasised the importance that residents be fully consulted on these proposals and where re-settlement was required this would be done for the minimum period possible and in alternative properties in, or in very close proximity, to Weald.   Ms Hiscock agreed to keep the Parish Council and residents fully appraised of developments. 


As part of the re-development of the properties in Mount Pleasant Road it was advised that mature oak trees opposite to these properties, on land belonging to SDC, are planned to be felled by SDC to prevent further subsidence damage to these properties.   General concern was expressed at the felling of mature oaks and District Cllr Thornton agreed to investigate why SDC has decided to fell the trees rather than taking other measures to prevent any further damage to these properties.  


(4)  Plans for a series of boot fairs to be held in a field off Morleys Road  

The Parish Council and the parishioners attending expressed grave concerns over plans to hold a series of boot fairs in Morleys Road from early April onwards.  Concerns were expressed over the fairs themselves but also the complete lack of local consultation prior to these plans being announced. 


It was agreed that representations should be made to KCC and SDC to have these plans stopped as it was strongly felt that such events would have a serious negative impact on the village causing traffic gridlock in Morleys Road and elsewhere in the village with potential safety risks to local motorists and pedestrians and to the visitors attending the fairs.            



None tabled.

6.      PLANNING

The undernoted planning application was reviewed by the Parish Council:

SE/16/00454/FUL – Hatchlands Farm, Bayleys Hill, Weald – Proposed temporary mobile home for farm hand related to the cattle farm owned by the Campbell Brothers.

The Parish Council objected to this Application as it considered that there is no need for this temporary mobile home as there are buildings close by that could be used to provide accommodation to the farm hand.

SE/16/00434/FUL – Paddock south of Clover Cottage, Wickhurst Road, Weald – Erection of new stable block (comprising 2 stables, a tack room and hay store)

The Parish Council objected to this Application as it considered that such a development was contrary to the conditions placed on the previously approved application which stated that “No building, enclosure of swimming pool, other than those shown on the approved plans, shall be erected within the curtilage of the dwelling hereby approved”  


The meeting was adjourned at 7.50 a.m. and resumed at 8.20 p.m.





The Parish Council welcomed the formation of Weald’s women stool ball team and agreed in principle to sponsoring the Team in its first season.  It had been intended that the matches would be held on the Green, however, the Green may be too small to accommodate the size of the required pitch.  It was agreed that the Team will confirm the venue of the matches at which time the Parish Council will formally consider the request to sponsor the Team.  


The Parish Council considered the perennial problem of potholes on roads within the Parish and urged all parishioners to bring  potholes to the attention of Kent Highways to ensure these are delay with as quickly as possible.   These can be reported on line or by calling Kent Highways on 0300 123 5000.         







         001598                    PDL (PWLB)                      £1,969.00

         001599                    SDC                                 £179.52        



The meeting closed at 9.00 p.m.