Minutes – Parish Council Meeting – 14 November, 2012





PRESENT:  Mrs R Wood (in the Chair), Mr G Davie, Mr D Marchant, Mrs C Beddoe, Mrs L Harris,  Mrs J Mannering and Mr J Blackman.  

In attendance was District Councillor Thornton, the clerk and several members of the public 

  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE  – District Councillor Hogarth
  2. DECLARATION OF INTEREST – there was none.
  3. MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON  12th September, 2012 – the Minutes were accepted as an accurate record and were so acknowledged by the signature of the Chairman.


(1)  THE OLD BAKERY The Parish Council noted that there had been positive developments with regards to the future of The Old Bakery 

(2)  THE METHODIST HALL It was noted that there is still no firm information on the prospective sale of the Methodist Hall and the purchase price. It was agreed that the agents representing the Methodist Church should be re-approached to understand the Church’s position and to reaffirm the Parish Council’s interest in acquiring this property for the community.

(3)  THE TENNIS COURTS IN WICKHURST ROAD The Parish Council’s role in the redevelopment and funding of the tennis courts was discussed at some length and it was agreed that a Committee consisting of Mr Davie, Mr Blackburn and Mrs Harris should meet with KCC and Weald Community Primary School to agree a way forward and then recommend an appropriate course of action to the Parish Council.

(4)  THE 402 Mr Marsh was invited by the Chairman to report on the recent meeting between the Parish Council, the 402 Committee, KCC and Arriva.  Mr Marsh reported that the discussions were constructive and that the various proposals  put to KCC/Arriva – to route evening services of the 402 through Weald etc. -are being considered by Arriva.  Mr Marsh reminded the Parish Council that damage to the bus shelter at the Forge (owned by the Parish Council) has still to be repaired.  The clerk agreed to arrange for the repair.  


(1)  CPRE – Kent Voice – Autumn/Winter, 2012 – circulated to members

(2)  KALC – Notice of Annual General Meeting on 17th November, 2012 and Annual Report  2011/12 – circulated to members

(3)  Letter of thanks from Mr Brian Jarvis for the gift (fishing rod and tackle) in recognition  of his 20 years plus service as Allotments supervisor



Planning Application reviewed on 7th August, 2012:

SE/12/01739/FUL – Westwood Farm, Scabharbour Road, Weald – The erection of steel/concrete frame building for housing cattle.  Supported.

Planning Applications reviewed on 20th August, 2012:

SE/12/02015/HOUSE – Ranmoor, Bayleys Hill, Sevenoaks – Garage conversion to habitable room and erection of porch.   Supported.

SE/12/02012/HOUSE – Carpenters Cottage, Morleys Road, Weald – Demolition of existing single storey rear extension and erection  of a two storey extension.  Supported.

Planning Results:     

SE/12/02033/HOUSE – 21 Hurst Farm Road, Weald – The conversion of car port and garage to living accommodation.  Single storey rear extension and side extension to create a corridor.  Alterations to fenestration.  Approved.

SE/12/01991/FUL – 16 Glebe Road, Weald – Change of use of land to residential curtilage and erection of new fence.  Refused.

SE/12/02028/FUL – Malmsmead, Bayleys Hill, Sevenoaks – Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of a replacement dwelling with integral garage. Approved.

SE/12/01791/FUL – St Georges Churchyard, Glebe Road, Weald – Lychgate steps to be replaced with disabled access ramp and repairs including plinth wall partial re-building.  Approved.

SE/12/02154/FUL – St Georges Church, Church Road, Weald – Re-roofing of porch with natural Welsh slates.  Approved

SE/12/02031/HOUSE – Ranmoor, Bayley Hill, Sevenoaks – Garage conversion to habitable room and erection of porch.  Approved.

SE/12/02015/HOUSE – Carpenters Cottage, Morleys Road, Weald – Demolition of existing single storey rear extension, and existing porch.  Erection of a two storey rear extension and new porch.  Alterations to fenestration.  Approved.

The Meeting was adjourned at 8.15 p.m.


The Meeting resumed at 8.30 p.m.


Mrs Harris reported an on-going water leak at the Allotments.  The clerk agreed to re-report this leak to South East Water.

The clerk reported that Allotment rent letters would be issued by the end of November, 2012 and that a number of allotment holders will be sent 28 day notices requiring them to put their allotments in order. 

Mr Blackman reported on the requirement for damaged/leaking water piping to be replaced on the approach to the Recreation Ground.  The clerk confirmed the Parish Council’s responsibility to fund the pipes replacement.  



   1396                             Audit Commission                £480.00        

   1397                             WMH                               £18.00

   1398                             SDC                                 £20.00

   1399                             Wybone Limited                  £354.22

   1400                             Ron Edwards                      £324.00

   1401                             N E Spurr                          £448.63

   1402                             J Saunders & Son               £2052.00

   1403                             SDC                                 £127.92                 


   1404                             Edward Tyrrell                    £1200.00

   1405                             R Marchant & Sons             £40.00


The Meeting closed at 9.30 p.m.