Minutes – Parish Council Meeting – 10 September, 2014





PRESENT:  Mrs R. Wood (in the Chair), Mr G. Davie, Mr D. Marchant, Mrs J Mannering, Mrs L Harris and Mrs C Beddoe   

In attendance were District Councillor Thornton, the clerk and several members of the public.   

  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – District Councillor Hogarth and Mr J Blackman
  2. DECLARATION OF INTEREST – there was none.
  3. MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 30th July, 2014 – the Minutes were accepted as an accurate record and were so acknowledged by the signature of the Chairman.


(1)  News on the MUGA

The clerk reported that the MUGA was now open, on a restricted basis, to the general public for tennis.  The use is restricted as the PTA/school has not yet put the planned internet based booking system in place.

The Chairman advised that the MUGA will be officially opened on the 3rd October and it was hoped that Dame Kelly Holmes will perform the opening ceremony.  Invitations will be issued by the school to the members of the Parish Council, our District Councillors and our representative councillor on Kent County Council.    

The clerk advised that he had written to the Planning Department of KCC to check whether the remaining earth mounds at the back and side of the MUGA had been approved by the planning authorities.  The clerk advised that he had not yet received a response.

Mr Davie also advised that he had independently written to KCC with regards to the Parish Council’s right of way to the paddock at the rear of the MUGA which is owned by the Parish Council.  A copy of the KCC response was tabled. 

(2)  News on the Methodist Church funding and extension of lease of the Green

The clerk advised that the Parish Council’s application to the PWLB to renew the loan approval which expired in mid-June had been successful and that the funds can be drawndown up to August, 2015.  

The clerk reported that there had been no update from  Knole’s land agents on the Parish Council’s request for a longer extension to the lease of the Green.  The clerk advised that Knole’s land agents are reminded on a regular basis that this matter remains outstanding.

(3)  Methodist Church Feasibility Study

The clerk circulated the attached feasibility study to members of the Parish Council.   Following review it was agreed that the proposed purchase of the Methodist Church at the purchase price previously agreed (inclusive of the cost of initial repairs and improvements) was affordable and that the on-going costs of maintenance and repair should be capable of being self-funded from income generated for the hire of the church for events and to local groups and societies.     

The use of the Methodist Church for community events etc. highlighted the need for additional parking in the vicinity of the Memorial Hall/Methodist Church.  It was agreed that preliminary plans for such parking should be drawn up prior to “in principle” proposals being discussed with SDC’s Planning Department.  

(4)  The Allotments

The clerk advised that following consultation with members of the Parish Council’s allotments committee and several allotment holders a paper setting out the roles and responsibilities of the Parish Council and the Allotment Holders Society will be circulated to all allotment holders ahead of a general meeting of the Allotment Society at the end of September.  The clerk advised that at this meeting it is expected that a new Society Committee will be elected.

(5)The Recreation Ground

The clerk reported on the necessary works to repair the showers in the new changing rooms.  The clerk reminded the members that the current shower units were previously in the old changing rooms and replacement at this stage was expected.

The clerk also advised of a rat infestation at the Ground due principally to waste food not being removed from the Ground after matches.  The clerk will remind the members of the Recreation Ground Association of their responsibility to remove all litter from the Recreation Ground after matches.                                                         


Clerks & Council Direct – September, 2014 issue – circulated for information

6.      PLANNING

Planning applications reviewed since the last Parish Council Meeting: 

SE/14/02492/FUL – Riverhill House, Riverhill, Sevenoaks  Surfacing of overflow car park.    Supported by the Parish Council.

Planning results since last meeting:

Fletchers Oast, Egg Pie Lane, Weald – Demolition of existing garage/workshop and erection of new detached garage/workshop.  Approved.

5 Riverhhill Cottages, Riverhill, Sevenoaks – Erection of an oak framed triple garage.  Refused.

20 Glebe Road, Weald – Erection of first floor extensions.  Approved.

Stidolophs Oast, Egg Pie Lane, Weald – Proposed two bay oak framed garage.  Approved.

Giacomios, Morleys Road, Weald – Erection of single storey rear extension and two storey side extension.  Approved.

Dale House, Church Road, Weald – Demolition of existing outbuildings and erection of a two storey extension and single storey extension.  Approved.

The Meeting was adjourned at 8.15 p.m.


The Meeting resumed at 8.30 p.m.


Mrs Mannering commented on the amount of litter that is being left by visitors to the play area.  It was agreed that signs should be posted requesting that visitors take home their litter when the bins are full and litter left outside the bins is a potential health hazard to the children using the play area and will attract vermin to the area.

Mr Marchant advised that the organisers of the 10k run had trimmed back the branches of the trees on the verge of the Green running down to the Memorial Hall without prior advice to the Parish Council and that the trimmings had been left on the Green after the race.  Mr Marchant requested an explanation from the organiser and asked that the trimmings be removed. The explanation given was that these branches were potentially hazardous to the runners and therefore had been removed as a precaution.   On Mr Marchant’s request the trimming were removed.                 



1509                      SDC                                 £135.72

1510                      SDC                                 £180.00

1511                      KCC Commercial Services     £884.29

1512                      N E Spurr                          £745.75

1513                      WMH                               £35.00


1516                      N E Spurr                          £712.75

The meeting closed at 9.05 p.m.